Holistic Vibrational Healing

Energy Balancing, Harmony & Resonance, Regeneration, Awakening

Supporting self-awareness and healing at every level

Awaken your heart, balance your body, align your soul.

Energy Medicine

Fast becoming an integrated part of wellness care in the western world, energy medicine is known to speed up and support healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Natural Health

Raising vibrational energy systems result in general feelings of relaxation and well-being, and more importantly, a body that is ready and able to move to a higher level of health, vitality and consciousness.

Sacred Retreats

With partner Roy Holman, Liz offers journeys that often include breath-connected yoga, meditation, hiking, chanting and much more, with the goal of helping us find our sacred center, break destructive patterns, heal, grow and awaken.

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Liz Gross is a Certified Energy Therapist, a Vibrational Medicine Practitioner and a Biopulsar Reflexograph Analyst. She is a graduate of EarthWalk Institute of Healing Arts in Bellevue, Washington.

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Generous words from past clients.

"Through my many sessions with Liz I have felt complete nurturance and support through my healing journey. She has such a gentle and intuitive way of providing guidance and insight that I am so grateful for. Her skillful assessment leads to powerful healing and true change; accessing deep patterns of energetic consciousness that are difficult to recognize and shift without the help of someone so attuned as she is."


"I have been a client of Liz's and I can tell you from my own personal experience, her vibrational therapy goes beyond anything I have ever experienced. I was suffering depression when I went to her and I also had fibromyalsia pain. I feel so different after a session with her. I am much calmer, peaceful, and happy. My depression is completely gone now and my fibromyalgia pain pretty much vanished while in her care. She is really good at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Try it for yourself and see what I mean. Thank you Liz!"


"My vibrational therapy sessions with Liz have had such a positive and profound effect on my health and well being. She is a very insightful and intuitive practitioner with many modalitites that have each supported my body's innate ability to heal. She is a wealth of knowledge in the field of Energy Medicine! After my first visit with Liz I went home and told my husband, "Of all the health practitioners I have visited over the years in search of perfect health, she is the one I would not want to be without!" Truly Amazing!!"

Vicki Ellen