Vibrational Medicine

Energy Medicine

Vibrational healing can be used to clear and heal emotional,
physical, spiritual or mental issues.

Energy Medicine is fast becoming an integrated part of health and wellness care in the western world. It is known to speed up and support the healing process on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Many people are experiencing the positive benefits of vibrational therapy when dealing with chronic pain, depression, sustained injuries, auto-immune disorders and many other imbalances in the body.

Vibrational therapy is complementary to all other healing modalities including western medicine. Taking a holistic approach to healing, it integrates the seven levels of consciousness with your whole being. Liz uses a variety of vibrational medicines including chakra balancing & reconstruction, color therapy, sound therapy, accutonics, tissue regeneration and grid work, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), flower essences, essential oils and Vita Flex. Each client receives an individualized treatment to meet their needs and goals along with tools to help support them on their personal healing journey.

V I B R A T I O N A L  M O D A L I T I E S

Chakra balancing and reconstruction
Color therapy, also with a Chromalive Light Colour Kit
Sound therapy
Accutonics tuning forks
Tissue regeneration and grid work
Applied kinesiology (muscle testing)
Flower essences
Essential oils
Vita Flex
Hands-on Healing
Biopulsar Reflexograph

Vibrational Health

A balanced body’s immune system is strengthened and has a much greater chance of overcoming illness and disease.

Liz will guide clients to release unhealthy, old and blocked patterns and instill new cells of recognition, rebuilding the healing systems of the body. A client may achieve a deep state of relaxation, which helps balance the autonomic nervous system and can trigger the release of hormones and neurotransmitters, which decrease pain and increase a sense of well-being.

Liz will assess and open the body’s Chakra system and energy meridians using various modalities, including hands-on techniques, breath work and toning, sound therapy, accutonics, floral essences, essential oils blends and Chromalive Light Colour Therapy. When balance is restored to energy vibration systems, the body’s immune system is strengthened and has a much greater chance of overcoming illness and disease.

Liz works closely with other specialist in the community & will refer you to them depending on your individualized needs.

 Soulful Presence

Example of a rash before treatment, and 5 days later, after treatment with a Chromalive Light Kit. This client, Jean Lingelbach of Lake Stevens, WA, had been trying to treat this rash for over a month and was unable to find any relief.

Natural Health

Natural health is composed of a healthy body, mind and spirit. Restoring and clearing subtle energies of the body and it’s other systems is a non-invasive and highly effective approach to healing illness and dis-ease. Energy imbalances in the body result in illness, often before symptoms are even noticed in the physical body. 

 Vibrational therapies can benefit all body systems including respiratory, immune, autonomic, circulatory, endocrine and subtle energy. By bringing the natural vibrational energies back into balance, these therapies bolsters the body’s immune system and lay the foundation for true and lasting healing.

 Each of the body’s seven major energy pathways, or chakras, correspond and connects to major organs, nerve pathways and glandular systems, as well as the energy meridians. When clearing and raising the vibrational energy of these pathways, with their vital connection to the central and autonomic nervous system, the result is relaxation, an overall feeling of well-being, and a body which is ready and able to move to a higher level of health, vitality and consciousness.