Vibrational Healing

Soulful Presence

Vibrational therapy is complementary to all other healing modalities
including western medicine. Taking a holistic approach to healing,
it integrates the seven levels of consciousness with your whole being.

V I B R A T I O N A L  T H E R A P Y

Vibrational Healing is empowering to clients, activating their body’s healing system to clear and heal emotional, physical, spiritual or mental disorders including:
Chronic and acute disease and pain
Pre and post-operative surgical pain, including dental
Emotional or early childhood trauma
Feeling emotionally stuck
Feeling overwhelmed
Lack of life purpose
Feeling disconnected
Unusual health concerns
Sense of powerlessness
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Physical injury
Physical and emotional stress
Release of Emotional Patterns

S P E C I A L I Z E D  T R E A T M E N T S
Biopulsar Reflexograph
Lymphatic Treatment
Energetic Raindrop Treatment
Spinal Treatment
Nervous System Treatment
Endocrine System Treatment
Vita Flex Treatment
Respiratory Treatment
Tissue Regeneration
Chakra Reconstruction & Balancing
Energy Cleansing, Balancing, & Integration on all levels
Cord Work
Acutonic Tuning Fork Treatments
Cancer Treatments
Optimum Energetics System Detox Footbath
Chromalive Light Colour Therapy